Type III hard anodizing

Modern manufacturers of aviation and military equipment prioritize the highest quality standards and innovative solutions to ensure the reliability and efficiency of their products.

Hard anodizing increases the thickness of the natural oxide layer on aluminum surfaces. With hard anodizing, this layer can be increased to or beyond 50 micrometers. Properly applied hard coating creates a uniform and homogeneous layer across the entire surface of the treated part.

Advantages of hard anodizing:

1. **High Corrosion Resistance:** Hard anodizing provides surfaces with significant resistance to moisture and corrosion.
2. **Wear Resistance:** Products that undergo hard anodizing become more resistant to wear and mechanical damage.
3. **Preservation of Appearance:** Your metal products remain unchanged in color and external appearance after undergoing the anodizing process.
4. **Excellent Chemical Resistance:** Hard anodizing makes the metal resistant to chemically aggressive environments, expanding its range of applications.

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  • Coating Thickness: 45-60 micrometers

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